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Effective September 15, 2021 Doug Hookland retired from the practice of law. If you have any questions or require follow-up of any kind, please email the office administrator: Lisa Maguire lnm@scott-hookland.com.

ScottHookland LLP is located in the Portland suburb of Tigard, Oregon. The firm's practice emphasizes design and construction law related issues. The firm's partners are Michael J. Scott and Douglas R. Hookland.

ScottHookland LLP's clients include design professionals, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, rental equipment companies as well as owners on both commercial and residential projects. The firm represents these clients in a variety of litigation and transactional matters. The firm's attorneys are also experienced in acting as both advocates and as neutrals in arbitrations and mediations. Some of the firm's attorneys are also registered lobbyists. Attorneys of ScottHookland LLP are licensed in Oregon and/or Washington, Idaho, Alaska and North Dakota. Our office is located in Tigard, Oregon.


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Partner Douglas R. Hookland authors an article entitled ""Mechanic's Lien Priorities vs. Other Encumbrances" for the Idaho State Bar journal. Read the article here.

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